Self-Defense Training

Our Self-Defense program is about WINNING violent confrontations. Period!

Keene Training and Consulting Personal Safety TrainingNo complicated moves, special uniforms or unrealistic Hollywood theatrics. All our training sessions cover the following:

  • Identifying the precursors that lead to violent encounters and how to avoid them.Keene Training and Consulting
  • The physiological effects on the body during violent encounters.
  • Identifying and exploiting high value targets.
  • Utilizing your built in weapons.
  • A curriculum of tactics and techniques that have been proven in combat.
  • A skill set you can be confident in without years of practice.
  • Winning the legal aftermath of a violent encounter.

Whether it’s a community group, office outing, church club or SWAT team; five people or fifty, we cater training seminars to meet your needs. Our training staff has worked with people from all walks of life. The message in all our training is the same: WIN. In a violent confrontation, that is the only acceptable outcome.

Contact us today for information about our scheduled training seminars, private lessons or inquire about hosting a seminar of your own.

Rates and fees vary depending on group size, length of training session and location.